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Completed 500 Reviews - Waiting for Top Rated Badge

Hello Everyone, Here I’m sharing my Fiverr experience about how I have completed my 500 Reviews and more than 650 total orders.

So I created my account in 2014 and it’s been a total of 6 Year on Fiverr. So many of you think that in 6 years 500 Review is pretty low and I know that too. But let me tell you…Instead of doing $5 work, all my order is more than $100 and my current average gig income is around $80.

I know lots of new sellers thinking that now its too competitive to be on Fiverr and you have no chance of getting an order. Then you are thinking totally wrong. Recently I suggest one of my friend to join Fiverr as he lost he job due to COVID-19 Lockdown and he is doing pretty good on Fiverr and earning more than his job salary.

So, Be positive and stay calm and you will soon successful too.

and hopefully I will get Top Rated seller badge soon, as already nominated for it from the last 5-6 months.



What do you mean you’ve been nominated for Top Rated Seller for the past 5-6 months? There’s no such thing as pending nominations or waiting list for Top Rated Sellers. They’re handpicked by Fiverr staff.

As for the rest, congratulations!

You have to complete this goals to be nominated :

  1. Complete at least 180 day as a seller
  2. Receive and complete at least 100 orders (all time)
  3. Earn at least $20,000 from completed orders (all time)
  4. Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 day

If you wanna know more check analytics tab under your seller account for more info.

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Does not compute. hmm…

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I know this, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be nominated Top Seller. You could very well never be a Top Seller, it’s not an automatic process like the other Levels.


Do you know what is nominated means? it means you are now eligible for a hand pick process…nominated means you will not get badge but you are now eligible.
Open analytics you will find this line written there " Achieve these goals to be nominated for a Top Rated Seller "
Understood what i’m trying to say?

Congratulations buddy!
Yeah, it’s too much competition on Fiverr but if we work perfect then we get customers as we want.

Thanks, Yes do a good job make your client happy and success will come your way for sure.

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From the way you elaborated your post it seemed like you were on some waiting list to become a Top Rated seller sooner or later, while this is just not how it works. I wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up when it might just never happen, seeing how you made a whole topic about it.

But you do you. Good luck x

All the best :+1: :+1:

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Thank you buddy!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This made me laugh so hard. You might want to fix your math logic.

It’s not November yet, so it’s not six years yet.

You don’t know what nominated means.

That’s just not what nominated means.

Are we talking about the same word?

What was his job?

Not at all. Quite frankly I don’t have a clue what you’re waffling on about.


I think few members are understanding what I’m talking about so it doesn’t matter what you think. :joy:

congratulations and best wishes… as you are Senior seller… can you check my gigs and tell me what is wrong with them!? I’m waiting since april mid but didn’t get any order.

i have done all the things like, send at least 10 request a day, Write purposal manually, Stay online, share links.

I need suggestions.

Thank you :slight_smile:
and yes happy to help new user here…checking your profile…give me some time.

thanks a lot for your time.

Okay so here are few quick things you should do:

  1. Make eye catching image for each and every gig. Checkout my profile so you can see how they created.
  2. Do SEO for gig title and Primary keywords in title and descriptions.
  3. Use primary keywords as tags.
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ok thanks for information and I’ll do as you said.

Do you realise how rude that is?

Obviously not at all, because This post is not about criticizing me, its about what i think and sharing my experience with community.