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Completed 53 orders but still not achieved level 2 why?

Hello Everyone.
I had signed-up for fiverr in 2013. But started selling in 2016 only.
I have completed 53 orders successfully + 2 orders delivered as well.
But i am still level 2.
Any suggestions ?

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So, you didn’t achieved Level 2, but you’re still Level 2? Wat…

Here’s a page that explains what’s missing for you in order to reach a new level:

I am currently level 1

Nothing is missing i am following all guidelines.

I have less than 1% cancellations. My rating is sound too. Out of 53 orders 46 are rated.

I dont know whats the issue.

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Facing one more issue too.

2 weeks back i edited my 2 gigs. They vanished from category and search both.

Unable to find them by using keyword or title.

Their impressions views clicks dropped down from thousands to less than 100 lol.

Contacted fiverr they said gigs are fine and in search.

I dont know what do to.

Don’t worry, I have completed 84 orders and still haven’t gotten the level 2 badge.

I believe the key is 2 consecutive months with 50 orders or more. or 60 days and 50 orders.


Hi, it’s really frustrating, I faced the same issue to get my level 1 badge.
Go to Customer support:
open ticket, explain everything. They will tell you what you’re missing.
Good luck

Oh ok. I thought i am the only one.

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But i am on fiverr since 2013. My first gig is on fiverr since 2016 january.

I have completed 53 orders already.

Oh dear what are you suggesting. No use to contact support.

If you contact them and tell them your problem they create 1 more for you.

I edited my gig which was appearing in high rating in category on 2nd page.

Then my gig disappeared from search. I have 70k impressions and 2k+ views + 2k clicks.

Now i have 100 impressions lol.

I contacted them back. They said it will come back in search again eventually.

Its been 2 week it never came.

Today i contacted again and they were like. Its performance factor lol. and i have zero cancellation in last 8 months. What other performance now matters i dont know.

They eventually removed the gig from search and now i am not able to find it.

The reason you are at that level is that you got those reviews over too long a period of time.

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Hello Crystal

Point noted.