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Completed, a 5 star review, then Cancelled

Hello! I had a shocking experience on Fiverr. A buyer had some work he needed done and I had to send him a custom offer which he accepted and then I got under way doing the work.

I made the delivery within the stipulated time and the buyer marked the order completed and even left behind a 5 star review. (I was like nice, another completed order added to the bunch).

Fast forward to sixteen days after (that would mean the time limit for clearance of funds for new sellers - 14 days must have passed), I received a notification that the said buyer has cancelled this order. I was confused, I was like can that actually happen? Worse still, this buyer was not been reachable on his contact line from the day after he marked the order as complete. Any time I attempt to contact him, it gives me “You cannot perform the action. Please contact customer support”.

I didn’t know exactly what was happening and reached out to customer support as soon as I discovered what was going on and they are yet to leave a reply.

My question in hand is: Is an order that has been marked completed by the buyer still prone to cancellation? If so, does any guarantee exist that we actually get paid for our services or we do our works under the pretense of payment which is taken away from us after a period of time.

Please I would appreciate your contributions on this subject. Thanks.


It sounds like a PayPal chargeback.
And no, there’s no guarantee. Fiverr doesn’t really fight these chargebacks very hard.

Most likely CS will send you a template “we lost money too”. If it’s a decent amount then you might get some sort of exception, but it’s unlikely.

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It’s not Paypal related. I don’t use the service at all. It’s all Fiverr.

If I use PayPal to pay for your service on Fiverr then I can go to PayPal and request a chargeback.
Sure, Fiverr will block my account and whatnot, but most likely I’ll get my money back as long as I can convince PayPal to issue a chargeback.

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This one that the buyer is not reachable. How else do I address this issue. Seeing as I’m alone in the storm.

Buyer is probably unreachable because he/she has been blocked for issuing a chargeback.
Do a search here with chargeback and you’ll find plenty of posts about it.

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I had a similar experience last year. The chargeback happened after 30 odd days. I was very surprised.

When I got in touch with CS they just mentioned it is the risk of online marketpalce etc. The standard response.

I feel - and I hope most of the buyers should also voice this, like other marketplaces like ebay etc, who have a seller protection program in place, fiverr should also do the same. But the protection / guarantee of income should also extend to sellers.

This is just my opinion.

Wow!! That long. Don’t they have a time limit for these kind of things.

I did. I got to see a whole lot of others with many different, and some even worse experiences. Thanks.

I don’t know. But as Fiverr has already transferred the money to my account, it was -ve balance. So for next few gigs, I had to cover it :slight_smile:

This is something which you need to bite the bullet.

“The risk of the online marketplace”, seriously? That doesn’t seem like a response that should be given at all. Yes, we all know that at some point or the other there are risks at any given point. But I feel it’s their responsibility to minimize these risks as much as possible to the barest minimum.

As much as buyers are in need of protection and guarantees, sellers do need such too. I think the seller protection program in this case, would be needful.

Similar situation with mine! I sort of hit a jackpot recently and I’m always sickened that I’ll be covering negative balances.

PayPal uses the same terms to protect its buyers, whichever online platform they’re using - to them, it’s simply a payment whether it’s on Fiverr, ebay, other websites etc.

They protect their buyers for 180 days:

If you were running your own website and used PayPal as a payment processor, you’d still have to face the possibility of chargebacks - it really isn’t Fiverr’s fault! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any way that this could be resolved, perhaps through PayPal since the buyer has not been reachable.

Are chargebacks a PayPal thing? Do other payment establishments do chargebacks as well?

Every payment processor has some way of protecting their buyers, otherwise there would be scammers everywhere with no protection for buyers at all.

No, because Fiverr is PayPal’s client, not you, so it would be up to them if they wanted to. I think you’d be putting your account in jeopardy if you went to PayPal to discuss a Fiverr matter to be honest.