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Completed a huge order before due date for only $5. Yet I am not getting enough orders :(

I have been eager all my life to work on Fiverr but so far I haven’t really received enough orders to earn enough :frowning:

Suggest a way by which I can get more orders.

I read your proof reading gig. I would take out the line "However, in case of an emergency or some other uncertain situation due to which I’ll be unable to complete your work, I will inform you before time. " This would be very rare and you shouldn’t anticipate it. Your response time is 11 hours and it may help if you reduced that to 2 to 4 hours. For a $5.00 gig, I would offer 24 hour turn around just until you get the orders flowing.

You need to find people you know, in real life, to order your gig. The orders will help get your account moving. It took each of my gigs about 100 completed orders to get off it of the ground. You are in a very saturated market on Fiverr. There is 3600 gigs on Fiverr offering what you do. That is a good thing because it shows there is a need. It will just take some orders to get you off the ground. You could also look at trying to hit a sub market of the proofreading.

Awww :frowning: maybe you. should try promotions