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Completed about 1000 order within 6 month

Hello,today I am very happy.Completed about 1000 orders within 6 month
I joined fiverr on April 2017 and now I have more than 600+ 5 star reviews.I think I am very lucky here :slight_smile:


Indeed you are friend, 1000 orders within 6 months is really good.

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I think so and that’s why I think I am very lucky :slight_smile:

you are more than lucky,1000 within 6month

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You’re indeed lucky, please can you teach me how you manage to come about this ?


Share your gig everyday…

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Please how do i come about that to avoid been banned?

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congratulations :slight_smile:

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Thank you … :slight_smile:

Wow! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

congratulation, i think that it is impossible for me.