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Completed all the requirements for becoming Level 1 Seller


Can anyone help that how does it work on fiverr? I have just completed all the requirements for going to the Level 1 seller. So i want to know when and how i will get the tag of level 1 seller?


You need to keep this requirements until Evaluation period ends. Jan 15, 2019, 00:00 GMT for me & possibly also for you. (check on analytics page) If everything goes right it could take up to 48 hours to add the Badge (usually it shows up less then 24hr). BTW congratulation on making LvL-1 . Good Luck with more sells. :sunflower:


Thank you so much for the information. Yes i have just checked the analytic page and my next evaluation period is 15 jan. i will wait till my badge gets on. Thanks a lot.


Congratulations :confetti_ball:. Keep it up.