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Completed an $110 order and only recieved $88

I’m not exactly sure why but I completed an $110 voice acting order and only recieved $88. This might be something I’m missing? I had plans with this money as I’m taking a trip and need to take it with me. Any help?


For every $5, you get $4. So, the actual amount you get would be $88


20% of everything you make goes to Fiverr mate. :slight_smile: This also includes tips.


I think all buyers/sellers on Fiverr should go through the Terms of Service even before setting up their profile. This will ensure that all Fiverr users know the rules and regulations of this platform.

If you had already done that, you would not be asking this question :slight_smile: The ToS clearly mentions that sellers only receive 80% of the order/tip amount. Yes, EVEN tips. Fiverr takes 20% off the tips too. I am stressing that cuz many sellers are shocked/surprised when they get to know of it.

Even if you have previously glanced through the ToS, I urge you to carefully go through the ToS once again :smiley:


For every sell you make, Fiver keeps 20%. So for you to know how much you’ll be earning, you just need to multiply by 0.8

$110 x 0.8 = $88

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Honestly speaking, like out of curiosity… do you feel 20% fee is high? Or do you feel it’s an acceptable amount for a fee? :thinking:


Sorry to hear it messes with your plans but what others have said is correct. It probably wasn’t as noticeable if your other orders were smaller. Good gig and great voice though.


Why are you resurrecting a topic from 2018?

If there wasn’t something called Fiverr, we won’t even earn that 80%. Even fiverr take 50% I’m down to it. For an example if you need $40 for your job, Force the buyer to place $50 order. That’s it. So you’ll end up getting the amount you’re looking for.