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Completed an honest order but buyer didnt leave any review?

Ever completed buyer order with your honest work and never get his/her reply and neither any feedback for your work?

Yes, it happened a couple of times with me, Did it happen with you?
How did you take over from this?

Leave your experiences and guide so others can get help


I think you are exaggerating a little bit.

This is not traumatic in any way and people don’t need to recover from it.

Buyers can choose to review your order or not.

You just move on to the next one, and if your completion/review ratio is low, you may need to revisit your delivery message.


i would agree with you, but sellers who have just started and in need of reviews , for them it might be a bit traumatic on their pov.

Buyers can choose to review or not, yes I’d agree! but leaving a simple honest feedback wont be an issue for them, its just a good gesture which helps sellers.


I started with 0 reviews too.

I can’t say it was traumatic for me back then.

Delivering great work should be your #1 priority right now.


Everyone starts with 0 review buddy, Not getting feedback for your honest work is bad experience. Yea no one should hold back themselves for this but in the end it just a ranting post and guide for others.

I think Frank is saying it’s not worth ranting about (which it isn’t). An order isn’t about the review. If you complete it, you get the money. The buyer doesn’t owe you a review, so you can’t get mad when they don’t get one. Oftentimes, buyers don’t leave reviews because they don’t want to leave you a bad one (I’ve done it before, talked to others about how they’ve done that).


Please don’t call me buddy.

I am not fighting you, it does suck not getting those early reviews in.

I am just saying it’s not traumatic.

If you find that traumatic you are in for a rough ride on this platform.


From some days I found more buyers do not give review. If buyer give good review, we can also give them good comment. This is good for both of us. I hope buyer will be kind.

Exactly. Its their choice , we should never ask for reviews. except an honest feedback
But not getting single reply from their end leaves us hang sometimes.

I’m sorry you found my replies traumatic.


Thank you for explaining beautifully.

@shamsiboi, That’s depend upon individual’s psychology.

Buyer have a option to write a feedback or not. Mostly they have certain other priorities or have no time which leads to empty section. By the way you can call me ‘Buddy’ :hugs:. I don’t know why some people have objection specially when someone giving respect. Anyway, Have a best time ahead with lot’s of positive feedback. :slight_smile:

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Yeah thank you for giving a nice reply buddy xD and i like your humour!

and thanks again for your wishes <3.

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It wasn’t a trauma, so there was nothing to recover from.

Because in many cultures it’s inappropriate and unprofessional to call a random stranger “buddy”, “pal”, “bro”, “sis”, “dear”, “mate”, or any other term indicating that you’re close when you’re actually strangers. In some cases, calling someone that is also perceived as an attempt at manipulation.

You want to be seen as professional by potential buyers, so, unless you’re certain that those terms are appropriate in their culture, it’s best to be careful. :slight_smile:



I have edited the word trauma as i think it was inappropriate to use it here

I hope we can leave that line behind and share our opinions or guide others.

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Sure, but in my culture it’s appropriate to receive kindness even though if it’s something new to me. We never impose or arrogantly object on something offered/kindness in good faith. Furthermore, we are not here buyer and seller. It’s a forum.

I totally agree and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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Sure, it happened to me, I even have one or two buyers who keep buying my gig since a long time but never leave reviews. I don’t think you’ll find many people if any who have been here for a couple of months and still have a 100% review rate.
Sometimes, you’ll see people having things like “778 reviews, 1045 gigs sold” or such in their profile or on their gig, or posting it here when they post about their experiences, q. e. d.

Of course I appreciate reviews very much but if a buyer doesn’t want to leave one for whatever reason, that’s okay. As long as I get paid for my time, all is well.

Just do your best and if your best is good enough, you’ll eventually get reviews, most probably not every time - some buyers simply don’t want to review for the one or other reason (see the forum thread by a buyer who contacted support to delete a review he thought would not be visible publicly, for instance) - but often enough.


Then maybe it’s better just to move on? Because if buyer didn’t leave a review they might’ve been not satisfied with the outcome and just decided to leave you without a review than with a bad one?