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Completed and Delivered Gig?


So i purchased a gig early in the day, then suddenly receive a message that the gig has been delivered and completed.

It was for 690 Facebook likes.

Funny enough when i ordered the gig my Facebook page likes was at 684. I later added another 12 myself.

It still stands at 696.

Where are the 690 supposed delivered likes???

I have hit the modification request button and asked the question where is the completed work.

I know also see a message from seller saying the following before the delivered and complete message was sent:


This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.

"Sir, your order is on progress, so don’t worry to get the likes. Should be done within 3/4 days, good reviews please. Thanks."

Keep in mind the add says gig to be delivered in 15 hours

So is this a scam???

Much appreciated if you guys could offer me some feedback or thoughts

Thanks in advance


Is buying facebook likes against facebook tos? Besides the point.

It is against Fiverr TOS to deliver a gig before the work is complete.

Continue to request modification until your order has been delivered.

If he fails to deliver, ask for a mutual cancellation.

Do not let the gig post complete automatically without delivery.

If you are hassled continually, as a last resort cancel the order (without mutual cancellation) This will leave an automatic negative review because of not delivering on time (24 hours after it was due.) At this point Fiverr will actually not let the 2 of you communicate.

Sorry for your hassle. I really don’t like the attitude of the seller you described. That shouldn’t be allowed.

Matter a fact, I would start a message with customer support with what you stated here. They may like to look into it. Customer Service will probably not see it here.


Hi there and thanks for your response.

It makes a lot of sense.

i will contact customer support and let them know. Hopefully they can sort this out.

I too don’t want this behaviour to tarnish the perception of other great sellers.

Thanks for your time in responding. Much appreciated.