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Completed and reviewed work suddey marked as cancelled

I completed a project on September. It was marked comolete, the buyer gave me a 5 star rating along with a tip.
But a few days back that krser was suddenly marked as cancelled.i received a notification saying that the buyer opnened a dispute and the order was cancelled.
But how can it be possible? Suddenly after so much time?
I contacted Cuatimer support. They told me that there was a chargeback field for my order that was outside fiverr and that the payment isn’t on fiverr…its held by the payment provider.
I didn’t really understand what it means.
Anyone here who faced this situation before?


Check this out:


We’ve seen this behaviour reported in the forums quite a few times now.

It generally means that your buyer requested a refund via PayPal - rather than through Fiverr.

Personally I think it’s despicable behaviour given the passage of time and the positive feedback you’d already received - indicating a job well done.

I really do think there needs to be greater protection in place for sellers.

Sorry, apart from sympathising with you, there’s little I can add.


I read the post on the link provided above. Hopefully you will get a refund.

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