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Completed first 11 orders all at once, feeling great :)

one gig I got from a great buyer who praised me for going the extra mile, and another TEN gigs all at ONCE, who actually got me a JOB, a partnership with someone with whom I ‘joined forces’. And we are good friends, too! Excellent!

Too bad that neither of us knew that we had only 10 days to leave RAVING feedback for each other. That’s nothing. Got so much back, already!

I am so happy. :slight_smile:

It’s a similar experience that I had on ebay, became a Powerseller in just a few months, without really trying to. Maybe it will work out on Fiverr too, maybe it won’t. If the latter happens, no biggie. I already got WAY more than I had expected! Life can be full of surprises!

Thanks, Fiverr (the company) :slight_smile:

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