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Completed First Gig With a Tip!


We are over the moon. We have only been on Fiverr for four days but today we managed to get a sale after landing ourselves a Rising Talent badge!

We wanted to share our experience and ask your opinion on the best way to increase traffic on your Fiverr profile?

Should we upload more gigs to cover a wider range of services or focus on improving our current gigs?



First of all congratulations to you and your team :slight_smile:

And I think You Should minimum work for current gigs almost for one month at least.

Best of luck for your future endeavors by the way :wink:


Hi Sunny,

Thanks for your reply and the congratulations. I will do that I think, as I don’t want to have too many different gigs going on.

Best of luck to you too!



congrats to you fellow fiverrian (can we make that up? :slight_smile: )

By the way i really like to know the answer to your last question…
which one is really wiser?

1- to make more gigs of the same expertise
2- to make various gigs covering various expertise and fields


Congratulations on your success:) you can make 7 gigs as a new seller and you have 6 already.


Your hard-works pay off