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Completed First Gig

I signed up 10/1/2020, and got my first gig last week and completed it on Thursday, so not bad after just two weeks.

What I found helpful was:

  • Reading forums
  • Studying other popular gigs
  • Doing keyword research, trying to keep out of the gigs that had over 1,000 sellers - the less popular keywords or long-tail keywords
  • Worked hard on creating eye-catching Gig image (I think this may be the most important) - people really do respond to how a gig looks, the font, size, and color as well as the image matter.

There is a lot of competition so learn how to do your gig the best you can. Eventually, the business will follow.


Congratulation :beach_umbrella: :soccer: :dark_sunglasses:

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Thanks akashper! Good luck with your gigs.

You have some scary gigs!

Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks! I appreciate the kind words.

Yes keywords, gig image is very important.


Best of luck…

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Thank you! Good luck with your gigs! I agree with you.

Thank you! Good luck to you and your gigs as well!

Congratulations! It is very informative.


Thanks! Good luck with your gigs.

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Congratulations bro :heart_eyes:

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Congrats and keep it up

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Thanks and good luck with your gigs as well!

Thank you, good luck with your gigs too…

congratulation bro…

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Just an update going into my first month on Fiverr.

I have completed 6 gigs and have a 7th that I am finishing. 4 gigs are from a repeat buyer. So, after all 7 in a month (especially first month) isn’t bad. At this pace, reaching a Level One status will be difficult since I have to have 10 gigs, with a $400 value in 60 days.

I have changed ALL of my gig images and my impressions went up 20%. I also worked on the content inside of my gig to make sure it was accurate. I do believe that images are very important as that is the first thing people do see. Also, research your gig and find the best way to list it with the least amount of competition. The less people there are the greater chances of being found.

Good luck to all…