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Completed gig refunded 3 months after I completed it


I wasn’t happy today as I see fiverr too $35 off my account from a job I completed 3 months ago. The buyer raised a paypal dispute.

Are we at the mercy now knowing people can simply refund when they feel like it?


Sadly, yes we are, but the majority of buyers don’t do this, and they’ll be slung off Fiverr, so they can’t do it again.


Jeez. It is crazy. 5 years a seller. Never happened before.


I’ve never had it, hope I never do, and I feel really sorry it’s happened to you!


This happened to me too as a new seller and I was very upset. Sad to hear but I think seller protection overall is something that needs improvement although I do see fiverr making efforts in terms of preventing editing of reviews after a while and being able to despute reviews. I’ve had buyers who got work had orders completed then came back for a whole entirely different task on the same order and threatening bad reviews. You’ll have bad experiences sometimes but just keep pushing through because the good outweighs the bad :slight_smile: