Completed gig


as a matter of fact the account of the person that did my gig no longer has an account on fiverr so I guess I’m just screwed out of 55.00. First and last time I will ever use fiverr!!!


Maybe the person just went into vacation mode you cannot see the gig as being active but it might come back…ask customer support if you have issues maybe they can help you


I agree with @annai80

Definitely get customer support involved. Don’t write off Fiverr because of this one bad experience, especially since the support team can most likely get you a refund if you paid and never received your finished project.


It would be very unusual for Fiverr CS not to refund your money if you didn’t get your delivery and the seller is gone. Unless you did something against Fiverr Terms of Service, you should be fine. Be patient and professional when you talk to them.