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Completed my 2062th Sale in LOCKDOWN, COVID-19

Hi, this is Raisul, founder of Graphicdawn Studio. Basically, we are a Team of Potential Graphic & Motion designers working on FIVERR since 2015. Early, this year we had completed 2000th Orders on Fiverr & Got 1400+ reviews from Happy Customers. We are getting a fixed Volume of Sale each of the month, which is coming mostly from our regular customer. Now, we are in Lockdown situation from 19th March, doing our Job perfectly from home & serving our Client most humble way. Although we are getting sales but not the flow we were in regular, I hope everything will be all right soon. We all should utilize the time properly by learning new things & become stronger on our own field, the competition will be so high, upcoming days.




WOW! What a tremendous success you are having in Fiverr! Best wishes for the upcoming days.

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outstansing succeess @graphicdawn

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Thanks a lot, ronouk :heart:

Thanks a lot. :heart: