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Completed my damn first order!


Hello guys I am happy to say I made my first order today! I was about to leave fiverr as I wasn’t getting order from 2 months and suddenly today morning I got a order popup, not only one I got 2 orders, one completed and buyer gave me 5stars. was tired sending buyers requests, surprisingly got 2 orders today out from BR.


Guys, I’m wondering how much time fiverr takes to clear my funds?



I heard it is 14 days


ah! spelling mistake. thanks btw


If you look under “selling” and “revenues” you will see the progress of your funds as they clear over 14 days. Congratulations and best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


work sample did not appear after completing order,I’m sure I selected preview while delivering order.


It’s up to the buyer to allow this.


okay,got it. thanks for reply