Completed my first 10 Orders on Seller's Account


What do you mean by “Seller’s Account?”

Do you have another “Buyer’s Account?”

If you have another account, delete one immediately and keep only one account. Or Fiverr will delete one of the accounts for violating the TOS.


congratulations :grinning:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


I haven’t made any Buyers Account. It shows it in the app as View as Buyer. I didn’t signed up for a Buyer’s Account. Can you please send me a link for that?


Thanks a lot. All the best to you too.


Thank you. Best wishes to you too.


If you have only one account then there is no problem.

Wish you all the best




Thanks a lot. Can you please let me know how to find that out?


Congratulations and share some tips. I am waiting for first offer from buyers…:joy:


Congratulations and Good luck :slight_smile:


congratulation bro


Thanks a lot. Waiting isn’t the solution. Keep searching through Buyer Requests. That’s how I got my first order. All the best. (:


Thanks a lot. All the best to you too.


Thanks a lot mate. All the best to you too.


May God bless you every time.




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Thanks a lot and same to you.


Thanks a lot. All the best to you too.