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Completed my first 2 orders in a day :D

Hey guys,

I’m excited to tell you that I completed 2 orders in a day. Creating this gig took around 8 hours (keyword research, writing description, gig image, etc). I was getting low impressions and clicks but doing proper keyword research, marketing it on Twitter and Facebook gave me the result I wanted. I’m happy and motivated and looking forward to getting more orders. If you’re a new seller and have no sales please don’t give up. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Congratulations :blush: :bouquet:

Congratulations and Best wishes :bouquet: :bouquet:

Congratulations for your success

congratulations :smiley: :smile:

Congrats…keep working on Fiverr & best wishes for your journey.

Congratulations @salman_pro
I’m a new seller and didn’t get any order yet.


You will get orders mate, just don’t give up :blush:

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