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Completed My First Gig Sale!


Hello: Finished my 1st gig order on Friday and rec’d 5 stars from my buyer. :blush: Glad to get that 1st one out of the way. Was nervous about navigating the order interface and doing everything on time. Was not difficult at all! I hope this won’t be my only one for a long while. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Good luck to everyone! :green_heart::sun_with_face::green_heart:


Congratulations… …


Congratulations… keep it.


Congrats!!! Wish you more orders


Great! Congratulations :slight_smile: Happy sales!


Congratulations keep it up :slight_smile:




Thanks to everyone for your congrats and well wishes! Appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment.

Have a great afternoon! :green_heart::sun_with_face::green_heart:


Congrats dear,


Thank you! Love the stars and sparkly colors!


Best of Luck…acdesignstudio




Congratulations and a great start. All the very best :slight_smile: I’m still waiting for my first one to happen!


This gig is something that many people who are involved in ecommerce are interested in, Pinterest Pinning for crafting and arting. It’s like a filler that doesn’t take a lot of effort, but a good filler that I’m skilled at. I’m on Pinterest everyday, so I took something that I already do and made it into a great filler gig. Maybe there is something that you can do as a filler that will attract attention. Though the Pinterest Pinning gig does not challenge my writing and design skills, I actually like it, because I love Pinterest.

Good luck and thanks for the well-wishes!:bouquet:


Congratulations on your 1st order. I agree that it can be nerve wracking when you get that 1st order and you want to do an excellent job but are unsure how it will go. I’m glad your first experience went well and hope you receive more orders sooner than later. :smiley:


Congratulations! Happy Fiverring :v:


Yeah, and it was a gig delivered over 6 days, Sun-Fri. Though it was an easy gig…days of semi-anxiety!

Thanks for your kind comment. :bouquet:


Yes! Happy Fiverring! That’s one of the keys, I think…to stay happy about the opportunities, despite the problems and challenges that exist here.

Many sales to you and thanks for congrats! :bouquet:


Congratulations!! Keep it up.


Congratulation keep it up