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Completed My first order. give me some tips for more orders

Screenshot (90)
its show in pending when will this pending complete.?
also, give me some tips for getting order plz bcz after 4 months I got my first order. Thank you.

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These articles may help you


Once a client manually accepts your order, or it gets auto-accepted after a few days, you will have to wait exactly 14 days (2 weeks) for the money to be available, and able to pull out into your Paypal account, etc.

On your “Earnings” tab, you’ll see something like that image I posted up there, with your $16 job. The date on the left is when the money will be available. The blue color of the “clearing” bar fills up as you get closer to the available date; you can see that this one is nearly full because it’s going to become available this evening for me.