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Completed my first order on the new gig

I have successfully completed and delivered the first order on my new corporate brochure gig (Designed a 8 page brochure) today. Buyer left a 5 star rating and a good feedback. :hugs:

My new gig :point_right:

I posted my gig here before and thank you everyone who pointed out the weaknesses of that gig so I could improve it. :heart_eyes:

Hope the journey continue in the same way. :grinning:


Congrats, it is always the hardest to secure that first order and 5-star rating! You made it and here is for many more to come :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you very much :grinning: Actually this is not my first order, I have done few before, this is the first order of the new gig and first order almost after a month (I was busy with exams) :grinning: .

Wish you the same (If you’re a seller) for more orders :hugs:

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