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Completed my first order with 5* rating


I am very happy now because I finished my first order with 5* review from my buyer. I am very happy to work with my buyer.
I made a Double Sided Flyer for my buyer in 1 day. I am very very happy now…
Now my target is 2nd Order.
Here is The GIG.


Congratulations. I see you now have another order in your queue. What a great start. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratz for your first successful order!
But let me ask you a quick question @kayas95 , :wink: did you design those flyers that you put up as gig images yourself?


Yes.!!! I designed 2 flyer among 3 flyer that I used in my GIG.


Thanks… But another order in my queue is not real. I don’t know why showing that…


Well, now I’m a little bit sad… :frowning: I was just testing you and I wish you wouldn’t answer that way… (I also hoped, you would get a hint. :wink: )

If you personally designed those banners, what are those then?
First one:
Second one:
Third one:

Or you’re lying or those sites stole from you… (I very much doubt that :slight_smile:)


You are Really man.!!! Go Ahead…


What? :slight_smile:


That’s great…!!
keep going…Congrats :tada::tada:


Thank You…!!!




Congress man best wishes for you :point_right::point_right:


Congratulation!!!Best Wishes for you.Go ahead. :blush: :blush: :blush: