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Completed my ten order today

If I completed 51 order with a good rating within a month of joining Fiverr, will I be automatically giving the level 2 seller?


nice keep up good work

Congratulations! I looked at how one qualifies for a level 2 badge. You must have: 50 Orders Completed, been here for 2 months and Maintained 4.5+ Rating. I got this info under my selling tab in Analysis. It appears you started in September, so you may have to wait until the 2-month mark.


Yes, when complete 51 order and well review. Fiverr give you level 2 seller.

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Congratulations :grinning:
Keep good work up, and enjoy your time with Fiverr.

Have you gotten your level 1 badge yet? I have followed some of your post about needing one more order. Has it come? :smile:

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and great job @burnbetty ! You must be really excited :blush:

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Congrats on your orders ! :smiley: I am trying my best to get clients and offer them the best services ! :smiley:

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Thanks for the info, just that some buyer don’t trust we new seller, That is why I am striving so hard to get more orders and upgrade my level.

yes thanks, but having to wait for a month before I get the level one badge kind of sucks.

Yes, the more we do and get good reviews, the more we will be trusted.

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I really like the picture :+1: