Completed Order and Revisions


I recently I did a website for a client . I did a good job and now order has completed almost 5 days . Still client asking for editings . I want to know am I liable for this ? does client request money back because of not doing editings even after order completed ?


i hope you did not mention unlimited revisions on your gig.:thinking:


Hi jamal3666

Thank You for reply nope only 4 revisions


If the order is already market as complete and you have done 4 revisions then politely ask buyer to pay for more revisions and if buyer don’t want to pay more then stop reporting or clearly say no.


When you start revisions after completing the work, Send a formal message, that you have started the revisions and there will be only 4 revisions [as you said you are offering 4 revisions] . And after 4 revisions you should buy more gigs for revisions.
OR you can also tell him/her that - you have used all the revisions which are offered with the gig, so you should buy more gigs to continue the work. And if you are not in the situation to buy more gigs, I can do my best by providing one more last revision.

Please be polite, have patience and don’t get angry,

This is not the sign of a good seller. If you will act like this, the buyer can also leave a negative feedback. Which is worst.


If you didn’t read my comment completely then please read that again.

I have clearly wrote that if the order is marked as complete and buyer is asking revision only then ask him to pay more or stop replying.


Yes I read it, and thats why I said my words.

IF the order is marked complete, the buyer can do any review, and you have no right to remove that review. Are you aware about it ?
Also if you are serious seller, its never recommended to stop the communication.
I hope you checked my this topic How to Increase GIG Sales (Tips, not a Question)


Well, this happens with me alot! even i give limited 5 revisions to my clients but they still kept asking for the revisions! like what, but the thing is i guess when you send custom offer to the client it got full advantage of revisions, this what i figured out, but ever since then i do the work 100% so they don’t give another revision, anyways Goodluck for your future earnings :slight_smile:


In this situation you can manually mention the revisions on Offer page and can also clear it with buyer that there will be # of revisions.

Thank you


According to my point, You have to cancel the order will be safe for you. Fiverr is being more support with buyers. But, not with Seller.

CANCELLING is the only the best solution for you. As my experience!

If you cancel order:

  1. You will have negative mark at Job completion status
  2. You will loss your money, effort and time
  3. You will loss your source code
  4. You don’t able to delete source code that you sent. Mean, After cancelling order buyer will download your codes that you sent.


  1. You can avoid negative marks from buyer.
  2. You can avoid to waste time further.

In above words, Buyers will get benefit only by canceling order. Their job successfully complete without money.


  1. Consult full detail with custom offer. If the buyer asks more revision without money then you can report to Fiverr team with proof of your custom offer and Work.

I hope they will be help you to cancel order without the loss of money.

  1. Understand the buyer characteristics from their location. By the way, I faced this kinda problem with buyers they are mostly from India and some buddies from another countries. You can speak full details about work before start the offer.

  2. Don’t work for low budget will disappointing it your self.

  3. If you don’t believe that the work is complete by you, then don’t send the offer anymore.

  4. Confidently take order and work before the time. Your planning about completing the project before 1 day. It’ll help you to encourage and earn money more.

  5. Don’t think about buyers words, You always need to be polite and nice communication before ending the contract. Don’t argue with buyers before ending the contract. Mostly buyers think they we are the money minded persons. so, Highly Recommended , DON’T ARGUE WITH YOUR BUYERS until the offer complete.

  6. Your sacrify will be reused at some time. So, don’t bother if you get step back.

Good luck. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Rajamohan Singh,
Independent Software Developer.