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Completed order cancelled, told it was incomplete, that I'm unprofessional, What?

So four days ago I received a notification that an order had been cancelled by support.
It was a completed order for $30 which had received a 5-star review and a $5 tip. There had not been any issue with the buyer. Support has said it was cancelled after being checked by the relevant department. I honestly don’t care about the amount here, and would probably not have bothered querying it had it not been such a surprise order to get cancelled.

So far in my discussion with Support I have basically been told to get over it as cancellations happen and given a condescending pat on the head that if I keep trying my best I might be a super seller.
It has then in a subsequent message been hinted/suggested that I have been unprofessional, didn’t complete the order to the requirements, wasn’t on time, the work was still in progress (even though it was marked completed, reviewed and tipped…).

I’m at a loss for what this is about and not someone who criticizes support or staff. However, something seems to have gone quite askew here. Below is the full conversation with support - if someone could shed some light for me it would be great.

My order was cancelled and funds returned to the buyer - can you explain why this was done?
Best regards,

Hey Eoin,

I can surely understand your concerns about this and I would like to mention that in our marketplace, we encourage our users to reach a mutual agreement once an issue arises while working on an order.

I checked order XXXXXXXXX and confirmed it was canceled by the relevant team upon a thorough review. Once their input is requested, buyers are asked to provide a satisfactory explanation and proof based on our Order Cancellation Policy

I know this is not the output a seller wants to have but please bear in mind that like any other marketplace, cancellations will inevitably happen as long as you get more requests for your services sold on Fiverr.

I encourage you to keep performing at your best level and if there is anything else I can do for you, let me know.

Keep your head up. Cancelations will come along while thriving in our marketplace to be a super seller in Fiverr;)

This buyer ordered, I delivered, they discussed a couple of things and then left a 5-star review and gave a tip.
They never once said there was a problem but the order was cancelled without my consent. What was the issue? Why weren’t they told to contact me instead?
There is nothing in the linked Order Cancellation Policy that applies to this order.

I’m sorry, but waiting 4 days to be told just to accept the cancellation with no explanation is not acceptable to me. I would like to know what rule I broke or what happened to make this cancellation acceptable.


Hi again Eoin,

I apologize for the delay, we’ve been having a very high volume of requests.

I totally get your point and I’m very sorry, but I cannot comment on the fairness of the issue. In Customer Support, it is our role to remain neutral, and we are unable to take the side of the buyer or the seller in cases where there are no violations of our Terms of Service.

The order was marked as ​Completed, however, the work was still in progress and did not meet the buyer’s requirements or the time frame agreed upon within the gig. In cases like these, Fiverr reserves the right to cancel an order. We expect our sellers to maintain a certain level of professionalism and work quality in order to provide a satisfactory experience to our users.

If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Hi Juan,
No problem about the delays at the moment - I understand that. I still don’t understand the problem with the order though.

“the work was still in progress and did not meet the buyer’s requirements or the time frame agreed upon within the gig”

  • The work was COMPLETED, marked complete by the buyer!
  • the buyer’s requirements and the gig description details were all met
  • they left 5 stars and a tip!!
  • It was delivered four hours ahead of the delivery time
  • the query after delivery was answered within 90 mins of receiving it. The query wasn’t even correct - the sentence they thought “sounded wrong” was correct as I had written it.

How can the above be claimed after that and IF they had an issue they did not tell me!

“We expect our sellers to maintain a certain level of professionalism and work quality in order to provide a satisfactory experience to our users.”
Are you saying I didn’t in this case?
Tell me what I did wrong here so I can improve if necessary or what is going on. I went back through the order details, requirements, messages and delivery and cannot see anything that could be done differently.

This was an unusual document because there were DELIBERATE errors which had to be left in the text. This is mentioned in the requirements. This is because it was a multiple choice English test (for English students to be tested with) where there was 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect ones.
That was clear in the requirements and in my delivery message.

Just to say, it was a small order and I am not concerned about the loss of revenue but I need to know what went wrong here because I deal with much larger orders quite often.

In summary - the gig was completed ahead of delivery time as per the Buyer requirements and gig description. The buyer had a question which was answered within 2 hours. They marked it complete. They left a 5 star review. They left a tip.
How have I not acted professionally and not completed the order to the buyer’s requirements?



To be honest, the tone of the CS agent here is just weird. I imagine them grinning manically at the screen speaking in a overly faux friendly, obviously condescending tone, while sharpening a knife ready to come murder you.

Is the buyer still on Fiverr? If they are, this shouldn’t have been a chargeback. Maybe reach out with screenshots of your cancelled order to let them know it has been cancelled., I’m not saying ask why. Just say something like:


Just following up with this. It was pleasant working with you. However, it seems that someone has cancelled this order either at your request or on your behalf. As this is highly unusual for me and means that you an not use the delivered wotrk in any capacity any longer, I just thought I would let you know in case there has been some kind of mix up.

In either case, I hope you are well and if there was a problem with this order, I’m sorry you felt you couldn’t reach out to me.

Kind Regards,


P.S. I hope an asteroid hits your business and you and everyone you care about spontaneously combust in the near future.

(Maybe leave off the P.S.)

It all seems highly unusual to me. I have half a mind to think that the buyer may not be aware their order was canceled. I have had this happen once ages ago. I didn’t think anything of it at first. However, an order was canceled and then the buyer came back the next week to place another one.

I sent a cancellation request immediately, saying sorry, but I’m not working with you since you had your last order canceled, etc. Then the buyer claimed not to know anything about it. However, I didn’t buy that and told him to take a hike. Now, though… :thinking:

I mean it’s the tip that throws it all into Sillyville. If the buyer was a scammer and always intended to get a refund, they wouldn’t add a tip. This explicitly shows someone at CS they were happy with the work. Also, they still lose an extra $2 in Fiverr’s friendly processing fee, meaning they still lost $4 overall with this order. Multiple transitions like that would also make a bank or card issuer think twice about a chargeback.

The cherry on the top of all the fishy-ness is the serial killer tone of your CS agent.

All that said, this could have something to do with it:

Maybe CS has flagged this as an academic project somehow?

I don’t see how unless the buyer complained to someone, but this could be it.



In other words: if you tolerate the odd buyer exploiting you and treating you unjustly, you’ll get a lot more sales.

Makes zero sense and it’s horrible public relations. I’m gobsmacked.

I got that impression, too, Cy. It’s really passive aggressive and tone deaf.


Wow. This is so bad. I’ve never experienced this before. Looks new to me

I don’t see it as serial killer tone I think it’s their normal canned response. I remember receiving exact same answers on one of my cancelled orders until I got really stubborn asking them to escalate that matter.

I think those agents didn’t even look into your order. Both emails are canned responses. (Either me or other people received this kind of responses before).

And that’s what annoys me in fiverr CS. I understand they are trying to automate and reduce response time for their agents but it’s one of the worst supports I ever felt with across many platforms that I’m using. (Need to say that fiverr is still my favourite because I don’t need to chase orders and bid on projects or take part in contests)

P.S but I always had good experiences with Fernando from CS, he is always polite and always looked at my orders in detail before giving me answers.


Just to mention too - this CS person is someone I have found excellent in the past.

The buyer’s account has not been removed and there is no suggestion of a chargeback. I am loathe to the idea of reaching out to the buyer although I considered it. If he were to contact support about me reaching out it would only go badly.

It struck me that it could be seen as academic which is why I mentioned it in the delivery in terms of explaining what it was etc.

The idea of these being canned responses does make sense as they are quite generic although Fiverr needs to invest in a good canned response writer who understands condescension and how irritating this stuff is to anyone who gets it.
If the first response had been “yes, this order was cancelled because of X” it would be the end of it.
As it is, we are into day 5 since cancellation, two longish messages from Support and I know nothing more than I did 5 days ago. I am more annoyed about things than I was when I got the notification though…


If it had been seen as academic, you would have got warned (which I guess it’s not the case).

True, yeah I didn’t get a warning or anything.

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Yes, having Mike Myers write your customer service canned responses never goes well.

However, there is a time and a place for canned responses. This isn’t it.

I imagine CS gets 100’s of "how do I get my gig on the first page" and "help! 20% of my earnings disappeared when my funds cleared." - Those queries all justify a canned response. If you are just going to send canned responses to everyone, you might as well save some money by putting up a Gone Fishing sign.

What is the question here that is so hard to answer? If they can’t answer, they shouldn’t dance around a condescending bush, they should just say, "I’m sorry, we can’t disclose that information" and be done with it.


The problem is that if it is indeed a canned response and not individual misjudgment, that actually reflects even worse on Fiverr.

If their PR people thought this was a good idea it highlights fundamental issues with their company. And this would also have to be signed off higher up in the company. So it’s disturbing that no one caught on that maybe this was a bad approach.


Yeah, I definitely agree - if they aren’t going to send an explanation when the cancellation is done, the least they can do is answer when it is queried.
Keep in mind this was 4 days after I submitted the ticket.
That’s fine if things are busy and then I get taken care of when the time comes. It’s not acceptable to be waiting that time and then get a canned/insulting reply.


Yeah, I’m not sure why Fiverr can’t be upfront about cancellation reasons. I imagine that they put not doing so down to protecting the privacy of the buyer. However, you don’t need any identifiable information on the buyer to know why CS cancelled an order.

It’s a bit like someone running into your house, stealing the TV, and the police telling you to just forget the matter, otherwise you’ll risk breaching the privacy of the thief.

Also, mistakes happen. For all we know your buyer did not cancel. Someone at CS might have just typed the wrong last digit of an order that does need cancelling into their system. Not having any kind of transparency can make situations like this escalate.

  • A customer with a genuine grievance doesn’t get their refund.
  • You find out your buyer is using your work and file a copyright claim.
  • Your buyer complains to Fiverr, the buyer with the real grievance complains to Fiverr, and in all the commotion, more mistakes happen.

All purely theoretical, but things like this do happen.

And IF there was something I did wrong then sure, I’ll take that as an answer but but how can I keep performing at your best level while thriving in our marketplace to be a super seller in Fiverr
I need to know what to change or every order I do could have the same problem and all be cancelled.


this is exactly what i thought when i first read the post

i’ve said it before and i’l say it again; as a buyer, i think the way fiverr treat their sellers is complete poo poo

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I keep hammering on the point of CS being completely hit and miss, lacking transparency, coherence or clarity. I’ve been saying this for years now.

Is it too difficult to tell people exactly what they did wrong? How do they expect people to improve without information?

How can rated orders be canceled? How do they expect sellers to place any trust on a platform that can basically take money from their pocket for any reason?

How can they be condescending to the people who, indirectly, pay their salary? How would they like to be out of a job?

This is infuriating.


This situation is still ongoing although CS has got back to me and said they misunderstood something about the order being ongoing and acknowledge it was actually completed. They are following up with the relevant department.
This “relevant department” have now queried whether it could have been construed as academic work so I explained again how it is material for a TEACHER to give to students, not vice versa.
CS did say that they have got my back which is nice. Hope it’s true.


I’m glad to hear that!

But that only proves my theory that the first two responses where canned responses. Unless you get really pushy you will get only quick responses hoping that you would keep asking more questions…


Day 6 Support responded:

I really appreciate your explanation Eoin.
I have forwarded your ticket to the specialized teams for further review.
I will follow up with you as soon as we hear back from them.
I encourage you one more time to keep performing at your best.

I responded:

I have to say that I find this whole situation quite bizarre.
There isn’t actually anything complicated about this order and it is quite a basic request from a client. I am currently in conversation or dealing with at least 3 people who are working on online courses/educational materials for their students. The idea that this can’t be simply understood by Support/specialized teams (when the whole world is rushing to make their teaching materials available online) is quite troubling.
The idea that I would risk my established 4 year old account to do academic work for $28 reward and that nobody thought twice about whether the decision was right or made any sense is also bizarre.
I am still curious as to what the buyer actually complained about and how Support couldn’t see that this was a false claim. Did somebody actually check what they were told or was it just cancelled without any checking?
Frankly I feel extremely let down and now lack confidence in Support because of whoever made the decision to cancel this.
I look forward to hearing the outcome and some kind of explanation for what happened here.

Day 7 (today) Support responded :

Hello again,
Upon further review of the order we have added $28 to your balance as the revenue amount of this order.
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you? I’ll be happy to help.

I responded

Yes, I would really like to know what happened here.
The $28 was never the issue with this as it is a relatively small order - I want to understand how an order can simply be cancelled without any good reason. Not only that, for it then to take me repeatedly challenging the responses I got from Support for the other department to then query if this was academic work (which it wasn’t) which is clear to anyone reading the order details.
It’s nice to read that Support “has my back” but I didn’t feel that to be the case in the last 8 days since this was cancelled and it makes me concerned about future orders which could have similar cancellations without a good reason.
Can I have an explanation of what happened please

Suspect I won’t get any joy from this but the sad part of this now is that my advice to everyone is to assume that support isn’t properly reading messages or properly checking orders when a buyer requests cancellation.

I got a message from support telling me how almost locktight their cancellation system is and how the buyer has to show proof etc (From the earlier messages: I checked order XXXX and confirmed it was canceled by the relevant team upon a thorough review. Once their input is requested, buyers are asked to provide a satisfactory explanation and proof based on our Order Cancellation Policy) yet this seems to have been false.
If it is true then that’s almost worse as for someone to check the order and conclude it was academic work would make me question their suitability for the job (or any job).

I’d further advise people to assume the first 2 messages from support have been sent without ever looking at the order. The Support agent took til the third message to realize this was a completed order.

TLDR; I apologize to all those I doubted who had ridiculously bad experiences with support.


Finally. It was about time some other respected sellers with experience started questioning the terrible state of Fiverr’s CS. It’s not good for the platform. It’s very easy to just jump on the new sellers with bad english complaining about unfair cancelations and discredit everything they say. Truth is, CS is absolutely hit and miss. I very rarely have to deal with them, because I vet my buyers extensively and only move ahead with an order when I’m sure of everything, but for those who can’t (lower entry price) it can be a nightmare.


I cannot even imagine how an inexperienced seller could deal with that. The assumption would be that they are in the wrong. In particular because of the “these things happen” type responses I was getting from support.

These things don’t just “happen”. Either the buyer is right and the seller caused it or the buyer is wrong and support allowed it. Either way, there is blame to be apportioned somewhere. However, for a new seller to be questioning support and having to persist over and over is very worrying.