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Completed Order get Canceled Automatically

I got an order from a client on February 21, 2019, and I successfully delivered the order on February 27, 2019. The buyer received the files and completed the order with 5 star rating. But today March 12, 2019, at the day of the project amount clearance it showing “THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE.” and the completed order remarked as canceled order, money is also gone…

How it could be possible my completed order get canceled?

This is not possible at all unless the customer contacted customer support and they somehow thought that it was appropriate to reverse the decision. The money should have been cleared exactly on the 12th or the 13th, so it’s a really strange situation. You should ask customer support directly for this.

You can email them here :arrow_down:

Thanks ryukyra, I already submitted a request regarding this issue with all the information and screenshots to Resolution Center. They didn’t replied yet. I am waiting to here what will be their view on this. But it is a genuine problem which I am facing now.

Sorry this happened to you.

Here’s the response to your previous question:

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Thanks smiler3D, I am trying to get in touch with Customer Support… I already submitted a request but They didn’t replied yet.

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