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Completed order properly and now charge back

Today I received a chargeback for order completed 8 days ago. I received 3 emails today from fiverr; first one regarding my order cancellation but money been transferred to my account due to chargeback. Second email telling me that buyer has cancelled order due to late delivery and third email regarding refunded money returned to buyer.

Please anyone help me. I have timely delivered my order and buyer himself marked it complete.So, accusation of late delivery is invalid. I am trying to contact customer service but the query is not able to submit because of invalid order no. they say.
I am worried about whether i would receive my payment. I have worked hard and spent my time. Moreover, in cancellation order, the amount shown is double than what i earned from this order.
Anyone please guide me what to do in this whole situation when i dont know where to put my query?

You can message fiverr directly at

Attach the screenshots proving that you’ve delivered the order on time as per your gig terms. If you have a positive review from that buyer, attach that screenshot as well.

I suspect the buyer might have said to CS that your delivery was no longer needed because their plans had changed or something of the sort. Which might have provoked this reaction from CS.

I have no idea what this means and how this could happen. But do attach the screenshot of that as well with the explanation that the amount is wrong and should be X instead of what is stated.

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Thanksalot for your supportive reply. It means alot

Thanksalot for your supportive reply. It means alot