Completed order rating


I was given an order earlier today by a buyer, she mistakenly sent 2 so she cancelled one, as a result my complete order rating was lowered, any bright ideas, please help, I need to get it back it was before


Well that is bad side of fiverr. You can’t remove this “black mark” for 60 days, then it will go away from your completion rate calculation. The very first order I got was mistake, and buyer cancelled it in minutes, but as soon as I got second one, I forgot about it.



The complete rating makes very little difference, if any, as far as I can see. It will disappear in 60 days if you don’t cancel any others. Don’t worry about it. When you have to legitimately cancel, then cancel.


Thank you bud that’s absolutely relieving. Been a seller on Fiverr for just almost 2 weeks and I’m almost in level 1


Awesome, thought it was something that could bar me from getting to level 1. Though Fiverr is an amazing platform compared to any other I have used before