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Completed order showing in gig`s demo page

Hi guys.

How can i choose what to be listed in my gig`s demo preview section from the orders completed on fiverr?

For instance, i have one order which ive done, and for some reason, thats showing now along with my demos having this text:
Fiverr Delivery
This specific work was ordered on Fiverr

Is there a way to add the ones you want and remove the one which was added by the system?

Thank you!

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No, and no.

When you deliver order you chose what file is going to represent your order. Client has right to accept or remove the image from portfolio during completion of order. After that you can either delete all or keep all images. No selection.

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Sorry, is not about the image that shows in the demo list…

Is the audio file itself that it`s shared after the order was completed.

Shouldn’t I have the full control of all the demos that would be published under my gigs, or at least have the option to manage them? Maybe something that your devs. can consider?

image audio it figures on all…