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Completed orders are being cancelled


Hello Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that my completed orders are being cancelled for no reason and the payments are being deducted from my account. It is not like that the orders were forcefully marked as complete. They were completed after the proper delivery of projects and now they are cancelled.

I also tried to contact the buyer but the message box says you can no longer contact this buyer.

I am getting into losses, please look into the matter.

Please find attached snapshots of cancelled orders.

Thanks and Regards,


this issue is getting viral for some months buyer took charge back whenever they want you should go and talk to support team tell them what happened they’ll find a suitable solution for you if not then there is no other way


I think this is a chargeback made by the buyer, tha’s why you can’t find the user anymore, because he’s banned.


yeah!!! you’re right stay positive because there is no other remedy for this issue i’m also a victim of this issue and i know how it feels


Unfortunately no one here on the forum can give you an answer or help with it.
Please contact support for clarification and just give them a bit more time to response, they are quite overwhelmed with all requests and will reply to you sooner or later.


typical case, the forum is full with stories like yours. Your buyer made a chargeback on his credit card or most likely paypal. In these cases Fiverr deletes their account, removes all funds you have earned and returns it to the buyer. Tough luck they say.


I face this issue. Fiverr did not returned those money fiverr always stand with buyers


it’s really frustrating for sellers :persevere: