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Completed orders does not appear in the Revenue Clearing List

The third order in a row does not appear properly in the Revenue Clearing List. Sometimes only the tip appears, but the completed order does not, sometimes the completed order does not appear at all, and sometimes only the completed order appears, but the tip not.

If you guys at Fiverr read this tread, please check ticket 1081463.

Everyone has this issue, do you still receive the money or does it not show and doesn’t reappear in your available balance?

Update: a fourth doesn’t appear as well. Please check my ticket.

Fiverr staff almost never reads the forum. It’s just users like yourself, and this one seems to be a site-wide issue.

Glad I’m not the only one who had this problem. I emailed customer support about it, but I won’t hold my breath that they will fix anything. They still haven’t fixed my messed up revenue calculations which they said they would do. It’s even worse now because I can’t see my recent completed orders.

Apparently it is a site-wide problem. My revenues list is incorrect and not listing my completed orders beginning with August 25th.

Oh God I have this problem too.I’ve wrote them yesterday and waiting for answer.I have like 7 orders in a row and they are not in Revenue Clearing list…

I am receiving old revenues.But the new ones are not even in the list starting clearing.I’ve already submited 2 tickets and hope they will reply asap.I don’t know what happened but it’s not cool!

I’m in for this one :frowning:

Me too, 2 in a row with tips, they not show any at all, did send ticket to customer support… Seem the in huge update that lag all :frowning:

I’m also having this issue - the tips have appeared in my pending clearance list, and my overall amount seems to have taken into account these orders, yet the original amount per the gig is not appearing in my queue. Fingers crossed that it is just a glitch in the listing system and we will get the revenues cleared when we should.
I would recommend taking note of what funds are supposed to clear by what date, even if they don’t show in the clearing queue, just for an added layer of security should the need arise to raise the issue further.

Hello friends.So fiverr team reply me today and they told me that they are awear of this problem and trying to fix it.It’s good.

Got the same problem today, hope it’s fixed as soon as possible.

Exactly same problem with me, 2 orders completed, buyers rated but no effect on PENDING CLEARANCE. Fiverr should be more serious about such issues as we work hard and they earned a clear 20% commission. Really upset.

Customer support told that the issue has been resolved & asked me to check again. But it’s same.

They told me the same.I’ve replied to them that it’s not working and they started working again!

Reply to @djricsantos: but it isn’t even august 25 yet?? or did I understand this statement wrong? hehe