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'Completed Orders' Indicator



I have a suggestion for the gig page. Users can see many details about the gig and the profile such as the registration date, last delivery, location and etc. However, they are unable to see how many orders have been completed by this user.

For instance, even though I only have 247 reviews on my gig page, in fact I completed 337 orders. Customers cannot see the one-third of the orders that I completed. This information would help me to gain more customers.


Are you absolutely sure that it would help you get customers, and that it wouldn’t make potential buyers wonder what went wrong with one third of your orders (why those buyers didn’t leave reviews)?


A good portfolio, good reviews and a solid offering will help you gain more customers.


I believe this is a good way…since others wont be able to see the order incompletion rate…hence your buyers can trust you even more thinking you might have delievered all your orders !

I like this thing to be honest
and the order completion rate stats are for your own research !
You should analyse that on a regular basis and work accordingly