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Completed skill test, still can't publish gig?


so to publish my gig I needed to complete the English Skills Test. I did complete it, got 36 or 37/40 everything seemed all fine and dandy. But when moving away from the page to publish my gig, I can’t. It says I have to complete my English Skills test first. When I press it again I get the following error:

ErrorId 211 : The user is stuck in the retake wait period

Anyone knows what’s up here?


not sure I guess u have to retake English test after some time or hours till that time u can’t publish ur gig

I think there is any problem , please retake.

Take screenshot, contact CS.


You can contact with customer support on that issue

I also faced the same issue, then i just retake the exam,

So I contacted CS, unfortunately there does not seem to be a solution to the problem.
It happened to me again my second try today, this time I took a screenshot to prove I completed it.

I’ll have to wait 90 days for a retake as a screenshot does not suffice.

Thanks for the help everybody!

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same problem occur with me…any solution will be appreciated…thank you…