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Completed the first Order but Buyer forgot to provide me review

Hi Everybody !

How are you doing today ?

Recently I Successfully completed my first Order on fiverr & Client was happy with my work but My client forgot to provide me review. You guys know that how important the first review on fiverr getting more order. But according to fiverr TOS , I can’t even tell my buyer to give me review.

So, What should I do now. Please !!!

Thanks All


I think not all buyers remember this. Don’t worry, there are many more customers and reviews ahead. :улыбка:

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I don’t think that he forgot - probably, he just didn’t want to add the review. Some buyers never add reviews, some buyers don’t even mark orders as complete and you have to wait for 3 days - and this is absolutely normal, don’t do anything


I do agree that this is normal and some buyers may be too busy to do it or simply not care to however I don’t agree that shouldn’t do anything (unless of course you don’t want to). It completely acceptable to send a polite message asking them kindly if they wouldn’t mind taking a moment to leave you a review or check in to see if they are satisfied with the work and kindly ask them to mark it as complete if so. If you don’t receive a response then maybe it’s a good idea to just let it go as may risk bothering them and getting a negative review.
Good luck!

You tell right, and I agree with your thought.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.


Leave it alone. Fiverr reminds the buyer multiple times to leave a review. The first is a pop up when order is marked complete, then I believe they receive an email a couple days later as well. If they decide to leave a review, they will.

Hmm… this may be true but I think it’s more in the case where you ask for a positive review. I usually ask them nicely to please leave a review if they are satisfied and if they are not, to please contact me so I can’t make it right. I never ask for a specific type of review.
I’ve found that this kind nudge helped me get a review where perhaps without I it they wouldn’t have done anything.
Kindness is the key.

Nobody is agreeing with you.

Check this out: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said


Trust me its not worth it. Its better not having a review then possibly get your account warned or even banned.


Hahahah, ok. I’m looking into it. Guess I got lucky that I didn’t receive a warning. I tried to find this specific topic in the TOS but I haven’t yet. I believe you! Just haven’t found it yet.


What I found was that sellers cannot ask for feedback changes.
But you’re right, just read a response from CS on this topic and it’s definitely a no no. I got the idea from an Udemy course on selling on Fiverr. But looks like it’s not a good idea. So, my apologies for the bad advice.
Good luck. We can’t win em all…

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