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Completely Confused


I have my little pile of money sitting in my Fiverr account where I found a gig and purchased thinking "Boy oh Boy!! I’m going to get my new logo!! I was so excited! Trying to be the “perfect customer”, I provided my Fiverr seller with some clip art that I had found through Google - to use as a GUIDELINE or design concept. Even clearly stated in my correspondence that it was copyrighted material (in fact, the copyright was all over the artwork) but thought it might help. Fast forward to a complete failure as my delivery was not only a day late (a fact that I would attribute to the time change, except the artist was a day AHEAD of my time zone, not behind) but I got nothing BUT the exact clip art with my company name slapped on it.

So, I hop into my trusty, low end software and go to work on my own. And I made a really pretty logo BUT my free trial of said software ended and I actually need it to be considerably larger and higher resolution so back to Fiverr I come, prepared to spend my little pile of money that seems to be STUCK here at Fiverr as cancelling is not the same as a refund.

I find another artist - and now, after being afraid of a language barrier, I chose one with FLUENT english (although I am certain, is not her first language). And we start off pretty great… Gig is for 4 logos plus a whole list of files to come as well. I provide my artwork that I need to be tweaked and consider that to be Logo 1 but am super excited to see what 2,3,& 4 look like.

F.M.L. Change colors in the same artwork is NOT another logo. So, now my dumb self sends over those same “idea pieces” with instructions in really big letters of “Copyrighted - do not cut & past - do not copy”, blah blah blah… and now my little pile of money is BACK in an account.

I do not want to continue to do this - Frankly I don’t have time as I have been at this for over a month and well, now my company is legit and I still don’t have a logo.

Can I GET my money back from Fiverr or just continue sifting through people that may be able to use Google translate but clearly cannot comprehend instructions?

argh :confounded:


Instead of going to logo creators have you tried going to people who do photo or image editing??


I struggled a bit in working through the “getting a logo” process because my budget was limited. I did end up very happy with a logo by cobbling together ideas and work from 3 different sellers, so it wasn’t dirt cheap, but it was a lot less than I would have paid outside Fiverr. I understand your dilemma. I still think it can be done, but there are so many logo sellers that it’s tough without a lot of homework and lengthy communications. Some services are easier to get on Fiverr than others. Graphic design is so subjective that I think it’s one of the harder ones to get without all that time and back and forth discussion. I would also add that I used one seller who spoke native English to help get my concept down, and then for more technical aspects I switched since the conversation could be minimal and the non-native had great skills.

As far as your funds, yes, there is a possibility you can get the money back if you can’t find something to use it on. They put some limits on it so I can’t say for sure what response you will get. Here is a past post on it:


And how much did you offer for a logo design?
Logo design can be very complicated even for simple concepts and it requires a lot of time if you are going to do it right.

First advice is that if you are prepared to pay less than $50 then you really can’t expect much.
Secondly, before you order talk to designer and don’t order until you are positive that he understands what is expected from him.


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I actually did go the Premium gig routes with both…I was well within the parameters of the gigs. Prior to hiring either “artist”, I provided a plethera of information as well as clip art as GUIDANCE. Phantompower probably has it right - should have looked for an editor since the designers hired had no original design abilities :frowning: (Phantompower - are you an editor???)

Thumbs up to Fiverr for refunding what was left of my money though!


yes I’m an editor. Why ask?


Because I have since designed my logo but still need professional editing, especially making it a higher resolution.


If you like, you can contact me and I will edit it for you.