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Completely different type gig ! ~~ Good or Bad?


Completely different type gig !! ~~ is it Good or Bad for fiverr profile or SEO?


Good day,

I am a little bit confused about an issue. I want 2-3 completely different types of gig in my profile. Currently I am doing graphics related work. Now, I want to create some gigs related to web development and article writings. So, my confusion, is it ok to have completely different type of gig in the same profile. Will it damage my gig impression or is it bad for SEO?

Pls help me on this.


Simply put the answer is NO.

It is your shop, you can sell whatever you want. no issues with impressions or SEO either, as your profile is NOT displayed on gig search results but the INDIVIDUAL gigs instead.

The only issue would be, the perception of your credibility on Fiverr. What do I mean?

It’s like this, I went to a store to buy some socks, they happen to be selling electronics as well, would I buy my electronics from that shop since I know it primarily sells Socks, or would I visit an exclusive Electronics store to make my purchase?

Hope I was able to shed some light.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:



Thanks for your response. You just make me clear. Thanks a lot… I really appreciate your feedback.