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Completely disappointing fiverr experience

I started searching for an illustrator on fiverr about the end of April, 2017 for my very first children’s book. Price was a factor, so I combed through reading reviews and eventually found Girl #1. In the order I included the style of work that I wanted done and all the other requested information. After waiting the first 4 days (7days order), she kept giving me excuses, until day 6, still no drafts. When I told her I was going to cancel the order, she then send me a draft 2 hours or so later…of a single image of one of the main character. :frowning: Many excuses came within those days btw. Eventually she stated she could not do better with the illustration and we mutually agreed to cancel.

Guy #1 really excited me. Told me he would rush my order as I had lost about 10 days due to Girl #1. He drafted for me overnight, which I was totally excited about. When the drafts came, I was so happy…he was getting my description really well. I had minor changes to the main characters. So as I am combing Google Images, low and behold, the exact image of one of the main characters and as I probed on, boom… exact image of the other main character on Google Images (with a copyright watermark) :frowning:
I was really cool and told him we needed to be original since I don’t want issues. For 5 days he never responded to me after that. I reached out several times, but not a word. Eventually I cancelled the order, then he sends a good luck (which apparently I needed).

Girl #3 took 9 days to get the cover right. I was concerned as I gave myself a deadline of July 1 but she said usually the cover takes the longest. By the next 3 ordered pages (she were doing individual pages at a time) my vacation rolled in, so I downloaded Fiverr App to keep abreast with the orders. When they did come in and I attempted to log in, I kept getting the ‘incorrect password’ message. So naturally I sent a change request… well, I am still waiting on those emails. I tried over and over for several days and was unsuccessful. So she was paid and I was left with 2 carelessly prepared illustrations.

2 months later I am without my illustrations and I lost about 30US. I am so completely disappointed!


I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time. You do have to go through some bargain bin hassles sometimes to find the perfect option when you are on a budget. Even though it’s Fiverr, there are so many people competing from so many places. Not everyone is a good match. If you would like to send me a PM, I would be glad to make some direct suggestions.

There are some really talented people here and the forum is a good place to get advice. It is not appropriate for anyone to suggest themselves or others on the public forum, but in private there is no issue with that. Good luck!


That must’ve been really hard and I feel so sorry you’ve had this happen to you.

May I suggest sending a free quote to sellers? That way you’ll receive bids based on the amount of money you’re willing to spend and you can screen them by seeing their previous work.

If interested, you can send me a PM and I can share with you some talented illustrators as well :slight_smile:
Best of luck.


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