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Completely new to fiverr, would like some advice

Hello everyone, so I recently discovered fiverr and realized that I can actually put my skills to use over here. I managed to set my gigs up but I don’t know how I’m supposed to attract buyers with all the competition going around so I’d really like some help regarding the matter.

My work mostly involves article writing, here’s my profile if anybody’s curious:

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There are hundreds of well-written posts on the forum offering advice to Fiverr newcomers. Try “Tips for Sellers” and “Fiverr FAQ” to start. Also, use the forum search engine; type in “how to attract buyers”, since that seems to be your main concern.

As a general rule, to succeed on Fiverr, you must be patient, offer a UNIQUE service or product (you seem aware of the competition you are up against, so don’t try to sell the same thing as everybody else), make sure your gig description is clear, concise, well-written with no typos or bad English, since you are selling your writing skills, and be sure to use an appropriate graphic, photo or video to sell your gig.


Advertise your gigs frequently…publish on gigs on social networking websites,blogs etc…

You might wanna think of replacing your images with a bit of light colored ones,including some wordings related to your gig…

Above all…just hang in there dont give up… :slight_smile: :)…

All the best!!! :slight_smile:

OK,@enkoujin5150, you’ve been given lots of awesome advice, and you didn’t even have to look it up yourself. Do you have anything you’d like to say to us? :-w

Reply to @celticmoon: Touche my friend xD. Thanks everybody for all the great advice, will definitely keep all this in mind as I try my best to establish myself here :slight_smile:

Good luck, enkoujin5150. There are lots of people here who would love to see you and all of us succeed on Fiverr! (and try to ignore the few bad characters who show up :frowning: )

Good luck on here! For sure Fiverr is a lot of fun. And I agree that there are some amazing things written on here to help you get started. You can find them all in the tips for sellers

There are certainly some great people in this community, thank you guys for all the kind words, I will try my level best to succeed. Along with that I’ll try to remain an active member of the community and if I don’t manage to make any progress then I’ll yet again begin to pester you people for advice :smiley: