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Completely swindled

A friend of mine suggested I use Fiverr for a project I have been working on. I purchased 5 designs from a seller that goes by the name “**********” I read some decent reviews so I decided to try him out. I gave a detailed description of what direction I wanted his designs to go and used examples of other famous designs that are already in the market, but just wanted him to have the ‘idea’. He sent back exact replica’s of all my examples! When I tried to explain to him that I couldn’t use them even if I wanted to (copy right laws) he said he was sorry and he will make more designs. He sent a couple more that looked like he just slapped together without any thought and was supposed to get me the rest but asked for more time. I believe he stalled so that the 30 day window of time would run out for me to give him a bad rating. I have never received the rest of my order and now there is no way of warning others about this seller. Not only is his work under par, he did not even fulfill the obligation.

If you get something delivered that does not meet your expectations make sure to click on “request modification” or “request cancellation” or the order will be marked as complete after 3 days. The only thing you can do is file a complaint with customer support to see if you can at least get a refund, since the work he delivered cannot be used. Know there are many great sellers out there, unfortunately you found one of the black sheeps it seems like. Best of luck in getting this resolved, and I certainly hope you will find a great seller to work with.

You can still contact Customer Support and explain the situation. Sorry you’ve had a poor experience with fiverr, but its unfair for everyone else to be categorized on one bad experience there is tons of great sellers on here, people who work very hard. One bad grape does not mean that the whole orchid is spoiled.

I’d still contact Customer Support if I was you. Ask them for the ability to leave a review because some sellers seem to manipulate the way the site works to block bad reviews.
E.g. I had a seller recently send me abusive messages because I mentioned that communication with them was a little difficult and then kept sending requests to Cancel the order (so the review would disappear) - On principle I will leave the order there so my review remains and alerts other potential buyers of the abuse they are open to if they run foul of this seller.

So sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident, just like the real world you will find some bad apples. Please do reach out to Customer Support about this as they are the ones who can most likely help you and hopefully you can get a refund for all this!