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Completing an order


I have completed an order 2 days ago but it’s not shown as completed. Buyer said that he has not got any prompt from Fiverr about that. How can I solve this problem?


Its better to contact CS


I think its better you contact CS


I sent a message to them12 hours ago but still didn’t get an answer.


I have placed order as well and it has been more than 7 days. Funds has been withdrawn from my bank but I am unable to see any order on fiverr and also the buyer said she haven’t got any notification from fiverr. Now I have started doubting this website.



Did you complete the gig instructions after you made the purchase?

If the gig had instructions and you don’t follow them, the gig will sit in limbo and the Buyer may not know this.

Take a good look at your order and see if there isn’t something you’ve over looked.



If you did start the order, then you may want to send in a technical ticket to support. I had this happen to me with an order than never entered my queue and just seemed to disappear into thin air. The buyer contacted Support and they were able to help.


why my money is shown in pending after 8days.



It takes 14 to 17 days for funds to clear and be available for withdrawal.