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Completion Rate, 97% from 100% After 1 Order Cancelled in the Last 60 Days

Just today, I requested cancellation for a certain order because the buyer failed to provide any audio for transcription and wasn’t responding for 5 days now. I kept messaging the client but he or she seems snubbing them until I requested for cancellation and he or she agreed to it immediately. It was really weird and I’m thinking somebody’s trying to sabotage my business in Fiverr.

After that 1 cancellation, my Order Completion Rate went to 97% from 100%, which is weird. 1 cancellation in 60 days and it’s down to 97%? How is that? Anybody has experienced this? Please advise. I’ve already contacted CS and waiting now for their reply.


It’s pure math :slight_smile:
It depends on how many orders you delivered during those 60 days.
For example if you deliver 33 orders and 1 is cancelled then it’s 3%. This has been discussed several times so feel free to look up some of the older posts that explain you how to calculate it.


The site says: “The Order Completion formula is the Number of Cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated, mutual cancellations and Customer Support.”

There is nothing in this statement that says we need to get the 3% in my case.

Just checked and you’re quite right - it’s very badly worded.

However, @uxreview nailed it with the maths - that’s how it’s calculated, even if the explanation in the help centre is unclear.

Perhaps somebody needs to bring this to Fiverr’s attention?


I understand. But I’ve already experienced something like this before and with just 1 cancellation, my completion rate just went to 99% after that. But now, this surprising thing happened, 1 cancellation and it went down to 97%.

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It all depends on how many orders you’ve had in the previous 60 days. More orders, fewer percentage points lost, fewer orders, more points lost. :frowning:


I counted and seen 28 orders in the last 60 days with 1 cancellation. I had fewer orders because many of these are custom big orders. Don’t they consider that? Custom orders can lessen the number of orders

28/29 * 100 = 96.5 or 97% so it’s right.

No, just the number of orders, not what kind or size.

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How about this statement?

If we base on this, it should be 100% - 1 so 99%

It does not say No. of Cancellations divided by the Total No. of Orders times 100 to get the percentage.

Yep, I agree it’s badly worded.

anyway, with 97% you’re still OK.

Unless he gets 2.333333 more cancellations

no problem, just deliver 2 orders more :slight_smile:


completion rate is the % of orders completed.

so if you had 28 orders completed, and 1 canceled (28+1 = 29), you basically had 96.5% completed over a total of 29 orders.

it’s simple math.

Translating to your reality:
Number of cancellation: 1
100% of total orders: 28 completed + 1 cancelled = 29
number of orders completed: 28

if 29 orders are 100% of total orders, 28 orders are??? 96.5%

be happy because you got 0.5% more than it actually is

As explained above, there is everything in this statement that you get 3% cancelled.

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Thank you everyone! Esp @xuntes! I will complete as many orders as I can so it will be back to 100%. I am not happy with 97%. I want it 100 at all times.

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