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Completion rate at 50%


I am not getting any order since 21 days.What should I do now to get an order , increase my completion rate at 90% or more.
Did you ever fall on this condition??


This happens.
Have you checked you gigs in the search, where do they stand at the moment.?


I did not check it actually


well you need to check it regularly, and take note of the daily position., thats how you will know you are improving or not.


I need to strongly disagree with this.
You can stay online forever if you don’t have a life, but that is not going to help, I’m afraid.
No matter how many requests you send and how long you decide to stay online, if your gigs are not good enough you won’t get orders.
The main focus is to create a great gig that stands out from the rest.
Spending 24 hours to create a good and professional looking gig, now that might work. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Everyday, I am sending buyer request but got only
3 messages in last 21 days. I stay here about 18 hours.


I have shared my gigs several times on social media


Hello, yes i have been there. My rate was 100 but i had one really weird cancel order and my rate went to 75. The more orders you will complete soon the faster your rate will go up.Good luck

Maria S.


Thanks you very much