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Completion Rate by Number of Orders vs Amount of Orders?

I’ve been reading the help pages and some helpful forum calculations about the completion rate of Fiverr for seller now.

The nature of my orders are usually a big budget, but few orders. For example this month, I only have 3 orders because the project requires a month to complete. So if one order is cancelled (God forbid!), then I’ll automatically get around 66% completion rate for the next 2 months? Am I right on this?

I do desire buyers to buy by short term gigs only, but most of them are returnee buyers, it’ll be a hassle for them to keep buying short term gigs to get their project completed. Same story with new buyers. They rarely buy short term gigs, they usually contact me and would always consider one package instead.

How do I go about this situation? I expect to be top rated by June 15 this year, and I want to know the best practices to maintain the status hopefully.

Yes that’s right. Order completion calculated on number of orders you had in last 60$ (price of gigs and order duration are not taken into account)

Just in case: you are not given TRS status automatically when you fill out the requirements. TRS is picked out manually and it might happen right away or might never happen.


I was a top rated seller for 5 years and got demoted when I had surgery, obviously didn’t get it back ever since.

But guess what, sales are the same, and since I work here all the time, I don’t miss the 7-day fund completion thing either.

It’s nice to have that badge, true, and I would enjoy being a TRS again. Does it change the way I sell on Fiverr? Absolutely not!


Unless Fiverr changes their evaluation system, your options are
to never get a project cancelled (extremely difficult, even if you do your best to save every order, due to the eventual “ordered by accident” … buyer, also, depending on the order/buyer, you might, with good reason, not even want to save it),
or have it cancelled in a way that it won’t affect your rating (don’t cancel yourself/don’t accept a cancellation request) but ask support to cancel for you, giving them a very good reason why it is totally on the buyer and shouldn’t affect your rating, and hope for the best),
or to devise “something small” that people actually need/want, to have a rating “cushion”.

This last option might be worth a bit of brainstorming, perhaps something really great comes out of it, some quick turnaround quick money gig (or gig package) that doesn’t take you much time.
Ideally, something that’s linked to your main gig, of course, but doesn’t necessarily have to be too closely linked.
Maybe you can find something really good that you hadn’t even considered before with a bit of out of the box thinking. Tell family and friends what you’re offering and ask them what they think they might also want from someone offering that thing (or even better, ask customers what they might need and think you possibly could provide; of course, only ask good customers, where you’re sure they won’t feel “bothered”).