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Completion Rate dropping

Hey Everyone Please Let me know what to do to Reach Level 1 Seller Account will this Order Completion rate increase if yes how many completed orders would I require to get it to 90%

If you complete more orders on time, and don’t cancel any more orders, your Order Completion Rate will start to rise again. You will also need to have green bars for Orders and Earnings before you can be promoted to Level 1 as well. And no, I cannot tell you how many new orders are required for this to happen. Just be a great seller, who completes the next orders that you receive.


Earnings And Orders BAR I can Complete it Coz I have some orders in the queue but I’m worried About this coz I have another Disputed Order which I guess Will be canceled…So, I don’t if I’ll make it to LEVEL 1

I’m not sure how many. I had my first and only cancellation when I had just a couple of orders and I went from 100 to 87-89%. It took me around 25-30 orders with no cancellations to bring back to 100% again after that.

The only thing you can do is to avoid any more cancellations, so make sure you and your buyer are on the same page about the job before they place an order.

You are evaluated for Level 1 every month, so order cancellation doesn’t prevent you from becoming Level 1, it will just take more time to reach it but you will get there eventually.

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Okay got it so it can be brought back to 100%

Yes, just avoid further cancellations and be careful with buyers.

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Sure Thanks For your ADvice

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