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Completion rate going down because buyer cancelled order saying it was a mistake

Hey Fiverr community,
I got an order from a customer and he gave me the requirements and all, right after ordering the buyer said he ordered by mistake and asked to cancel, I agreed so I clicked accept. The cancellation got my completion rate down and now I can not go up to be a level 1 seller. I emailed Fiverr support and this is the email I got:

Sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing.

We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated. We currently don’t have an option to change it manually.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m here if you need anything.

Best regards,

Alina | Fiverr Customer Support

Now I have to wait 2 months to go up a level or receive 10 orders to get my completion rate back up. Do you have any advice?


I feel you and I can only say sorry about that. If it makes you feel any better, I once got a transcription order from a buyer who was new to the site. She went ahead to place a custom order but mistakenly placed for two instead of one. Along the line, she contacted CS to cancel the one she’d mistakenly placed and it just happened that right after she made that request, I’d completed and delivered her work. She received it but guess what? CS went ahead and cancelled both orders. So i had two cancellations for a mistake that was not of my own doing and for a job i’d delivered. I’m still battling with the effect of those cancellations but it’s only spurred me to work harder.
Again, sorry.

Wow, harsh.
But that’s Fiverr for you.

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Something similar happened to me, but yeah, nothing we can do about it.