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Completion rate is unfair

So I have just reached all of the requirements to be a level one seller except for the completion rate which has to be 90>%. I usually never even reach a completion rate over 80%. The reason for this being that I am a programmer sometimes people make ridicolous orders for low prices and etc so I or the buyer has to cancel, sometimes people even make duplicate orders. Is there any way I can at least confirm the order before I recieve it that is not only custom requests?


You are in control of your prices. Not the buyer. The ‘problem’ you describe is entirely within your control and indeed, of your own making.

You are simply playing the blame game - citing external factors rather than taking responsibility for your own business.

Why do you think some sellers have 100% completion rate over many years? Because they stay in control of their business, and they don’t offer low prices that attract silly people.

Increase your prices to scare away silly buyers, set requirements for your gig so that orders cannot progress without specific requirements being met, and don’t blame the buyer - take control.

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