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Completion Rate less than 50%

I Just received my second order, and after finding that the buyer wanted me to help do a school assignment, I cancelled the order because didn’t want to violate TOS, now my order completion rate is 50%

Can this have my account banned?


No. Keep delivering orders on time and the completion rate will rise again.

It’s unfair that your account was affected because you followed the rules though.


You could have asked CS to cancel on your behalf. Contact CS for support

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NO. When you will deliver your order on time then your completion rate will rise again. Thanks

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No, you won’t be banned - but I would be tempted to contact customer support and ask if they can reinstate your previous completion rate.

If customer support can see that you were abiding by the rules, then they might just help you out. No guarantee though.

In my experience, CS do help protect the good sellers.

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carol_author No NO

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