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Completion rate went down 6% without any reason?


For months my completion rate has been 95%. The last order I canceled was in October, which was what knocked it down to that number. Today, I logged in to find it’s all the way down to 89%, putting me in the red / at risk of losing my level 2 status - but I haven’t cancelled any orders! Being stuck at 95% for months without it going up, despite completing 12 orders or so since the October cancellation was already annoying, but this is another level.


See this tutorial about calculating completion rate which may help you understand why it changes from day to day: [TUTORIAL] How to calculate your Order Completion Rate


The completion rate on the analytics page is only supposed to look back at the last 60 days. Assuming that last cancelled order was at the end of October, and today as I write this is December 26, and December has 31 days, in 6 days, or less depending on exactly what day it was cancelled in October, it should go back up to 100% assuming you have not had any cancellations since then.

If you have 12 orders in 60 days then it would take 1 or 2 cancellations to send it down below 90%. You would need to exactly count the number of days to see if you would need 1 or 2 cancellations to make it drop below 90%, since you need to know exactly what day it has become 60 days since that cancellation. So one day you will be at 89% and the next day be at either 90% or 100%.


Cancellation was October 27th, so just about to come up on 60 days. I just hope it goes back to 100% after Dec 27th. I was at 95% completion rate for months leading up to this despite not having had any cancellations in the last three or four months, it just mysteriously never went up to 100%. Has me a little worried the same thing will happen this time haha.


It should go back up tomorrow or the next day.