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Completion Rate


Does Completion rate matters on your Gigs positioning?



But Completion rate matters in your Level Increment…it must be 90%…


yes i know about that but I am wondering does it affect our gigs ranking? As I have lost my positions since Its decreased :frowning: I have covered that up now but still my gigs are not coming up on 1st page… Wondering what to do…


Yes, everything here matters for Gig Positioning the better you keep it chances are higher. However, its not always that becasue of some drop your gig position ranks down. Sometime Fiverr also shuffles the gigs to give others a chace.


Thanks for your response.
Make sense as well but Its being so long now my gigs are disappear.


Hm, that could be due to anything. There’s been times where my gig has shown up on the first page, and the next it’s on the third! Not sure what has to do with it but I don’t think it’s the completion rate, maybe just Fiverr’s processing. It may affect your ranking, I’m not sure, but I think it’s mostly associated with your level.


With my level? what does that mean? I am currently on Level one.


Yes, you have to maintain a 90% completion rate to reach the next level. Check out your analytics section it’ll tell you what you need to get to level two!


It is frasturating that when we keep eye on specific keyword to find our gig on top page and suddenly it goes away. However my suggestion is leave it, use buyer request and work harder.

You will see it again on page 1. I have experienced this I then used to change tags etc but nothing hardly happened that would benifit. So, now from last 4 months I have never changed anything in my gig which are my most sold ones.

other gigs which have total drop in impression I recheck and try to find better keyword that is all.


Now you are level one but in evaluation date you will be go to a new seller because if your rating are less than 90% then automatically you go down from level one to new seller.Try to increase your rating from 90 to 96% to become a level 2 seller.


I know about how level system works. Just wondering how gig position work? :confused:


Thanks for your suggestion brotha


Well, I know how Seller Levels work. But I am wondering how Gigs positioning work? Why I lost my positions.


Gig position working is not upto anyone bro. Even if you have everything 100% you still sometime will see gig dropped from ranking. It even happens with TRS sometime but however they have earned great and have good average selling price, great reviews so that makes them get more sales and be consistent.

Work harder and make a goal to be TRS someday and also be postive and you surely will never regret :slight_smile: and you will also never worry where you gig is :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks brotha. :slight_smile: Hope this will be so easy lol

Yes, I am determined and trying to have more patience lol


We will need to work hard and success never comes in days but if we have a goal one day we surely will.

Best of luck


Yea, I have no idea :frowning: I wish I did! Like @naikoosuhaib said, just work hard and success will come. Good luck!


Alright Thank you both for your suggestions. Best of luck you too. :slight_smile: